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Sporadic E out of season - Spring 2019

Sep 162019

Over the past few weeks I have been running a WSPR transmitter, using 50W predominately beaming toward VK2. An interesting thing occurs on this path. 

These are the stations that have heard me:

VK2HC: Once (1081km)

VK2DVM: 3 times (1095km)

VK2ZMT: 22 times (1189km)

VK2XN: Once (1443km)

What is interesting about this, is that it is currently Spring and not in Sporadic E season. The approx midpoint of most of these paths is over the Australian Alps. It's not uncommon in summer to see stations on this path very very strong. In fact they are probably the strongest 6 metre stations during E events. But what about these events out of season? Are they random Sporadic E clouds forming? From the data that I have, I can ascertain that spots were received by the VK2 over at least three separate days, and I recall at least two days in a row where VK2ZMT was hearing me.

I recently come across this video on YouTube from the RSGB: https://youtu.be/wn5as91ndG4


Watch the whole video but if you skip to 9:12 the speaker talks about "mountain waves" which may be a contributing factor to Sporadic E. An interesting theory and thought.



The Icom IC-705! HF-UHF SDR Radio - An initial review

Sep 052019

A truly exciting announcement from Icom at the Toyko Hamfair 2019!! The new Icom IC-705 was a topic of discussion and review at a recent experimenters night at our local ham radio club.

Rex VK7MO, Justin VK7TW and Hayden VK7HH gave their thoughts on what this new Icom IC-705 radio can mean for the QRP, microwave or SOTA operators. Some features like a large touchscreen just like the IC-7300 or IC-9700 will appeal to users who already own one or both of these radios.




Ham Radio DX visit to REAST Inc - Ham Radio Club

Sep 052019


In tonight's livestream we discuss 3.4 GHz panels, the Icom IC 9700 and IC 705 radios and how they will benefit ham radio operators. Also a small demonstration on Ardunio.

Justin VK7TW and Hayden VK7HH went through the RD contest and the upcoming mods to the 3.4 GHz panels.

Then Ron joined Justin to discuss all things Ardunio. Rex VK7MO and Justin then finished off discussing the VK7 to VK7 EME contact, the IC-9700 and new IC-705 radios.

We then moved to the main room of the club to take a tour of the transverters currently running on 3.4 GHz and to modify Justin's panel.

Icom IC 9700 GPS LOCKED! Weak signal review by Rex VK7MO ✅

Sep 032019


Yes the Icom IC 9700 has been GPS locked! How? Well Rex VK7MO brings us up to speed on developments, explains the features he enjoys most out of this new radio and the benefits for those wanting to use this rig on Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) moonbounce or other weaker signal digital modes.

Amateur Radio Repeater Repair & Site Visit

Sep 032019


Today I traveled to the site of an amateur radio repeater on UHF (70cm) that I maintain after a fault on the transmitter appeared and gradually got worse over the past few months. Lesson learnt - always bring EVERYTHING you may ever need!


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